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Blue Moon Cycle Vintage Sidecars

All sidecars sold "as is". Blue Moon Cycle represents all motorcycles to the best of its ability. It is possible that model year or description may be inaccurate.

Money back guarantee if not happy upon inspection of sidecar. Notification required within 24 hours of receipt. Shipping, handling, or other costs are customer's responsibility. For more information, call 770.447.6945 or e-mail us.

  • 1948 Nimbus Sidecar $4,500

  • Duna, restored $4,500

  • Alps sidecar 1930, original paint $4,500

  • Unknown sidecar restored $2,900

In addition, to offering original and/or restored vintage sidecars, we also sell new Steib sidecars. These sidecars are exact replicas of many of the sidecars found on many original vintage sidecar motorcycles. Today's Steibs are made from the best materials and built to the exact specifications of the original Steib blueprints. All new Steib parts fit on, and will directly interchange with, original Steib sidecars. Steib bodies and fenders are manufactured with 1mm thick steel.

These sidecars meet Germany's TUV standards; the highest safety standards in the world. Accept only the best for your motorcycle. All Steibs are designed to fit BMW mounting systems. For other motorcycle marques, special brackets are available.


    S500 with attaching kit for R 1200C

    let us build this for you
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    Steib LS 200 Sidecar | $5,400

    The LS200 is the lightweight of sidecars for motorcycles up to 350ccm Our 1953 style model has a cab that uses a rubber-ring suspension system. The STEIB emblem of polished alluminium stylishly displayed on the cab side wall is characteristic of this model. The front bumper railing is an embelishment on this model and can be ordered as an accessory.The trunk neatly placed behind the seat is outfitted with lock and key....for security. This sidecar model known as the "BMW Sidecar Standard" was also a feature of the BMW 250ccm motorcycle


    Steib S 350 Sidecar | $CALL

    The S 350 Model from STEIB was presented in the 1930's as the middle-weight contender for motorcycles from 350ccm to 600ccm. Our replica, fashioned after the updated version from 1956, features a cab made from pressed contoured metal plates, giving this model its characteristic rounded front. The rear of the cab is similar in form to the LS 200, but its extra length provides room for a secured bagage trunk which can be closed and locked. The cab is outfitted with an adjustable spring suspension system and the frame is covered with finely polished aluminium piping.


    Steib S 500 Sidecar | $6,000

    The S500, the darling of sidecars was made for motorcycles 400ccm and larger. Its typical rocket shaped body made from 8 steel plates trimmed in polished alluminium gives it a stylish flair. The boat with its roomy trunk space and adjustable spring suspension system makes it the perfect sidecar for long trips. The seamless tube frame is embellished in front and on top with polished alluminum piping.The wheel is outfitted with a swing axel and rubber shock absorbers.


    Steib TR 500 Sidecar | $6,400

    The model TR 500 was built with the heavy weight motorcycles in mind. At first widely used with the Boxermodels from BMW and Zündapp, it then later became popular with Moto Guzzi and the Honda Gold Wing. Roomy and reliable, this sidecar was also produced for use as a government service vehicle. The wheel is supported with a steel-torque suspension system. The boat can be outfitted with either a leaf-spring or rubber-ring suspension system. We offer both varieties. A choice of STEIB wheel (22mm) or BMW wheel (20mm) is also available. The boat comes with locking luggage trunk and 2 piece upolstered spring seat with white trim highlights. Windshield, dustcover, and spare wheel holder are also offered as accessories.


    Steib NR 28 | $6,000

    The sidecar Nr. 28 is similar to the sport model STEIB built in the 1930ies. The wheel of our model comes with spring suspension, on request we also deliver suspension without spring. The cab is outfitted with an adjustable spring suspension system and the frame is covered with finely polished aluminium piping.


    Steib NR31 | $CALL

    The sidecar Nr. 31 is fashioned after the 1930ies STEIB luxury sport model. The wheel suspension is available with and without spring. The bigger baggage trunk makes this model a comfortable and sporty sidecar for traveling. The cab is outfitted with an adjustable spring suspension system and the frame is covered with finely polished aluminium piping.


    Steib LT200 | $CALL

    The LT 200 is the practical delivery-sidecar like many craftsmen have used. His functional cab is revalorized by its nice details. Have a look at the locks made of stainless steel and polished aluminium. The surface of the arched lid is perfect for carrying the logo of your business or club. The cab is made of steel and can be locked by key. It is suspended on a rubber-ring system. The chassis is similar to the LS 200. Proportion of transport box (inside): 140cm x 40cm x 40cm.


    Steib RS 1 | $CALL



    Steib T 1 | $CALL